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 Important, Really ImportantCommunication Outage 

Friday 14 October (pm only) 

Monday 17 October (am & pm) 

Tuesday 18 October (am & pm) 

The school will have a communication outage over several days. This is because of the network server being replaced. All the school communications require the server to function.  


Communication will not be the only disruption on these days; any technology-based activities or processes across the school will not be working either. The internet, email, attendance, SMS messaging will all be out of action.  

The school will be contactable on our mobile number which is 0439 927 539. With only one-line available parents/carers will need to be mindful of end of the day last minute changes to collection arrangements. 


The last half hour of the school day can get busy as messages about collection arrangements are phoned in. 


School Mobile: 0439 927 539