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Dear Parents/Caregivers


With the COVID Lockdown lifted school will resume Monday 8 February. While belated, it is wonderful that we can return on site and begin face to face learning. While the Lockdown has been lifted the guidelines for operating under COVID-19 remain in place. Our region returns to Phase 4 guidelines which were in place at the end of the 2020 school year. These provided directions on health hygiene and cleaning, school activities and many more that reduced the risk of spreading the virus. Most relevant of these to parents/caregivers is the requirement of physical distancing.

At school this presents as a risk with adults entering buildings/classrooms, the limit in space meaning this guideline could be compromised. To minimise the risk, it is requested that parents/carers drop and collect their children from outside the classroom. This is simply a risk reduction strategy that can help limit the spread of the virus. Similarly, the Front Office is an area that should respect physical distancing. If possible, parents should phone or email any messages in regard their children. All teachers have an email address and the school’s email address is above. Busy times for the Front Office are between 8:30 – 9:30am.

This does not prevent parents/carers from entering the classroom should they need to communicate with staff. A common-sense approach would be valued here, essential messages that will impact on a childs day should be communicated. A maximum of five (5) adults in the room will allow the physical distance requirements to be meet. After school is the best time to enter the classroom as this is far quieter.

The first day of school for kindergarten students is a big day in the life of the family. Use the space outside the classroom to celebrate this moment in your childs life. Acknowledge those around you by taking turns to enter the room. Kiss, drop and let your child know you will be back to collect them and make your way out so the next family can enter.  Mrs Crass, the School Chaplain, is providing tea and coffee in the Kakka Bakka room for those interested.

A reminder that a student showing symptoms of illness should stay home.




Front Office

Telephone: (08) 9751 6400

Email: Busselton.ps@education.wa.edu.au


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