Photo Gallery - Book Week

On the 16th – 23rd October, our school celebrated Book Week. It was really successful as there was lots of enjoyment for all grades. The theme of this Book Week was ‘Curious Creatures and Wild Minds’. This theme started because of egg sightings. Five eggs were spotted in a nest next to Room 6. Everyone gathered around the egg very curiously. This started a narrative in every room which was passed around and continued throughout the week. There was also an outdoor station, in between Rooms 16 and 14. All the juniors loved it! They had special readers every day, like Mrs Wright, Mr Shepherd, Mr Henley (our mayor), Jude (our cleaner), and Ms Hunter. The juniors got an area to do dress ups which was respectfully used. In the library, there were book week activities like bookmarks, and guess the book in the jar were available to see, but the most fun activity was the parade. There were so many costumes and curious creatures, it was a blast! Special thank you to Mrs Milne for making it the best Book Week ever!