Photo Gallery - Year 6 Camp

Year 6 Camp Report

Last week (week 4), our year 6’s from Room 16 and 18 went on their exciting trip to Dare Adventure’s camp. The anticipated students experienced a long bus ride, before finally reaching camp. Our first glance of camp made us feel many emotions such as scared, shaken, grateful, or fearless. Not only students, but the teachers also concurred their fears during difficult activities! The events we faced really made us feel proud about ourselves! We did 5 different activities on camp; These included a flying fox, a commando course, an abseiling and rock wall tower (which was 11m high), and bush tracks and cubby building. Overall, our camp experience challenged us past our limits. This camp is one all the year 6’s will never forget.

By Kimbalee, Lily, Elise, and Eliana J


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