Photo Gallery - Food Sensations


Last week we had a visit from Michelle - coordinator of Food Sensation WA who came to our school on Monday and Wednesday to talk and cook with students from 6 classes -PP/Kindy – Yr 3. The students and staff had a great time cooking yummy dishes like Herbalicious Garlic dip served with vegetable sticks and rice crackers, Coco Loco balls made with banana, weetbix and other ingredients, Noodle Ninja Salad and a chicken mince stir fry. All students were in small groups to make the dishes and got to taste all the food made in their class at end of the session …most plates were empty after tasting. There were some surprising comments from the students at how tasty and yummy the food was and how good it smelt and looked when you put the ingredients together. The students are to be congratulated on their positive behaviour and manners during the sessions, which was noted by the coordinator Michelle.

It was a great success and we have invited Michelle to return in term 3 2021, for the students from Yrs 3- 6 to participate in the program.