Students - Room 2 - Year 1 (Mrs Conrau)

Term 4 Arrangements—Room 2 

Friday, 23 September 2022 

Dear Parents/Caregivers


As Mrs Conrau progresses back to full time teaching, the class will continue to be supported with an extra teacher.  


Unfortunately, Mrs Huging is unable to continue in this position. Mrs Huging has been very professional in her commitment to this class and developed some lovely relationships with the students. I thank her for time and efforts in working with Mrs Conrau to provide learning opportunities for the students. 


Replacing Mrs Huging will be Ms Stacey Gardiner, Ms Gardiner comes to us from South Newman Primary School and is an experienced Early Childhood Leader. Ms Gardiner’s knowledge and understandings across learning areas and phases of learning will bring a lot to the school's planning process going into 2023.  


Mrs Conrau, Ms Gardiner, and Ms Renton will meet over the holidays and during the school development day to ensure continuity in the delivery of learning for Room 2.  


Thank you for your continued understanding as Mrs Conrau progresses back to full time teaching.  


Jeremy Shepherd