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In technologies we have been learning about electrical energy. We first began by exploring how a torch works and discovering what a simple circuit needs to work. We then created our own simple circuits to turn on a light bulb or a small fan. We then applied this knowledge to test various materials to discover if they were conductors or insulators of electrical energy.



In maths we have started looking at the Cartesian coordinate plane. We created our own carefully measured 3D version which we labelled with the x-axis, y-axis, origin, and the positive and negative integers. We then took turns moving to various coordinates on the plane.

For art we have been learning to use colour to express a particular attitude, emotion
or atmosphere. We explored how Albert Namatjira uses realistic and natural colours in his Australian landscapes, and then compared this to Ken Done’s vibrant and expressive use of colour. We then created our own artwork of the Busselton Jetty, inspired by Ken Done.