Principal’s Overview

The school’s Annual Report reflects a year’s progress in further building a school environment to maximise student learning opportunities for improved outcomes. This is done while students enjoy a full range of social and cultural activities by participating as responsible members of society.

Literacy and Numeracy are an ongoing focus at Busselton Primary with staff always striving to improve the quality learning opportunities available to students’ needs as individuals, as groups of students and across the school.

The school also places emphasis on Positive Behaviour in Schools using this approach to create an engaging supportive environment in which students learn and play. Our four expectations of the school community are Respect, Active Learning, Responsibility and Integrity.

To be commended is the parent community, in particular the P&C. The P&C have provided input in the form of services, activities, resources and links to industry to enhance the school’s environment. Creating a sense of community is the clear purpose to their planned activities.

Enjoy this document that celebrates the year’s achievements. For more detailed information on the school’s policies, plans and progress contact the administrative team.

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