communicable diseases


The Department of Health lists a variety of ‘Communicable and Infectious Diseases’ which require children to be excluded from school.  These include chicken pox, impetigo, head lice, hepatitis (A & B), measles, mumps, ringworm, rubella and whooping cough.  Exclusion periods vary – please consult your doctor or seek further advice from the school.

The Department of Health urges all children to be immunised.  All children should be fully immunised before starting Kindergarten at school.  Enrolment process requires a AIR (Australian Immunisation Record) History Statement from Medicare. Visit for more information


Head Lice Policy

Head Lice is a problem very common in all schools. The Dept of Education has clear guidelines to be followed when head lice infestations are detected, which form the basis of this policy.

School is a place where head lice can easily be passed on from one to another. It is important that the school has procedures in place to reduce the risk of this happening, and to ensure that all parents follow the necessary steps to treat head lice when they occur.

Immunisation Policy

Immunisation is a reliable way to prevent some infections and is one of the most important ways to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

The National Immunisation Program funds the vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule. Information about vaccines and the program for health professionals and community members can be found at

The current childhood and adult immunisation schedules for Western Australia can be accessed at

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