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The Primary School Health Service

The school health service promotes healthy development and well-being, helping students reach their full potential. School health nurses are Community Health Nurses who provide the service in partnership with schools. The school health service is free and confidential. As we all know, students learn better when they are healthy, safe and happy. School Health Nurses are a part of the Healthy Country Kids Team which includes specialist Allied Health such a s Audiology, Dietician, Enuresis Nurse, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Paediatricians and Social Work.

Who are Community Health Nurses?

Community Health Nurses (School Nurses) deliver school health services in primary schools across Western Australia. They are employed by the WA Country Health Service. Nurses work with children, families and teachers within each school throughout the year. Most families will have had contact with these health services from birth (through child health services).

Working with children at school

Nurses provide School Entry Health Assessments (SEHA) which assess hearing, vision, oral health, growth, development, and any other health and wellbeing issues that may be of concern.

■ SEHA is offered to all children who are of school entry age. For the majority, this will be in Kindergarten or Pre-primary, however it could be done after school enrolment has occurred and prior to commencement of Kindy if a need is determined.

■ Nurses prioritise assessments after reviewing any concerns noted on the parent consent form and discussion with class teachers. The Nurses will come throughout the school year usually booking a date and time with administration staff prior to our arrival.

Targeted Assessments for children Year 1 upwards can be offered to any student at the school. Both teachers and parents can request a targeted assessment (usually hearing and vision) of a student, and consent from parents/carers is required before we can do the assessment. Please see below re the referral process.

Referring to the School Health Nurse

If a parent or teacher has a concern regarding development, health or wellbeing of a child throughout their primary years, they can contact the nurse via the school. Relevant age-appropriate assessments such as hearing, vision and growth can be undertaken with parental consent.

Referrals to the School Health Nurse are made on a ‘Referral to Community Health Nurse’ form available form the office.

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