The Busselton P.S. plan is closely aligned to the Better Attendance: Brighter Futures strat

School Hours & Attendance

School Commences    8.50am – 3.00pm
Morning Recess   10.50am – 11.10am
Lunch  1.10pm – 1.50pm

Students are encouraged to arrive at school between 8.30am8.50am. Students who arrive earlier than this are required to go to the undercover area where strict supervision is provided from 8.20 am.  The school provides no supervision of students prior to 8.20am. Students after school access to the school grounds is restricted to the sporting facilities—oval and courts.

For safety reasons, children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school time without permission.
Parents who need to collect children during school hours are asked to report to the school office to obtain a release slip. 
Teachers are not to release students during school hours unless they are given a Leave Pass – this is a Duty of Care requirement.



The Busselton P.S. plan is closely aligned to the Better Attendance: Brighter Futures strategy.

Busselton Primary School recognises that students need to attend school on a regular basis to gain the maximum benefit from schooling in order to optimise their life opportunities. At Busselton Primary School we understand that for maximum transfer of knowledge 95% percent attendance is necessary. Attendance lower than 95% could impact on academic standards.

At Busselton Primary School there is an expectation that once enrolled, students will attend on a regular basis, and positive attendance patterns should be fostered. It is our focus to wrap positive support around each student to maximise their attendance.


Busselton Primary School will ensure that accurate attendance records are kept for each student enrolled at the school. This includes recording attendance at both morning and afternoon sessions for kindergarten, pre-primary, and primary students. The following codes are recorded on a hard copy version of the roll for evacuation purposes and also electronically on SIS.




Absent – Cause Not Established


Unacceptable Reason




Reasonable Cause – family issues, accident, appointment or meeting.


Educational Activity – Speech, Occupational Therapy, PEAC.


Medical/Sick Bay – Went home sick or injured via the office.


Late – Student arriving after 9:00am.




Notified as sick – Parent/Carer has notified of sickness.





A continuous attendance by a child of not less than two (2) full hours’ is to be recorded as a half day’s attendance. Students who arrive late but still meet this requirement are recorded as late and not included as a half-day absence. Students who are on an excursion, participating in an off-campus program or in some other school-approved activity are not to be counted as absent.

Students on suspension are to be recorded as absent during the period of suspension. Attendance records will be kept in electronic form and will be kept for a period of seven years. If the absentee note is included on a student’s record file, then the note must be kept for 25 years from date of birth. Unsatisfactory attendance reports on students must be retained in a student’s records for 25 years from date of birth.



When a student has been absent from school and an acceptable explanation has not been forthcoming, Busselton Primary School will send a written request for an explanation to the student’s family to establish the reasons for non-attendance. These letters are sent twice per term. As there is no requirement in the School Education Act 1999 for the reason to be provided in writing, schools must record all details when a parent or caregiver provides the school with a verbal reason, either in person or over the telephone, that the school believes is an acceptable reason in the context of the school. If a student’s attendance rate falls below 80% over a ten-week period, Busselton Primary School will further investigate the reasons why the student is not attending school. Busselton Primary School will use a case management approach for attendance issues, resulting in an Attendance Plan being written to assist improvement. Busselton Primary School will consult with all stakeholders, and access support from other community groups and agencies if required. Prior to making a formal referral to the school attendance officer, Busselton Beach Primary School the school will make informal contact with the school attendance officer. Busselton Beach Primary School will keep detailed records of all contact, or attempts to make contact, with the student’s family and the intervention strategies implemented to restore a student’s attendance. This documentation will need to be made available to the school attendance officer and/or the School Attendance Panel.


When a student is identified as being a regular or chronic non-attendee, and the intervention strategies implemented have not been successful in restoring the student’s attendance, the student is to be referred to the school attendance officer at district office. The referral form will be completed and forwarded to the school attendance officer along with all documentation demonstrating reasonable and repeated efforts to restore the student’s attendance. Busselton Beach Primary School will work collaboratively with the school attendance officer, the student’s family and other community groups and agencies to restore the student’s attendance.


If all attempts to locate a student have failed after fifteen (15) school days and the school has not received advice that the student has enrolled at another school, a referral to the student to the “Children Whose Whereabouts are Unknown List” through the school attendance officer is made. The Principal will regularly review the Children Whose Whereabouts are Unknown list and advise the school attendance officer if a child has enrolled at the school.


If the student’s attendance at school has not been successfully restored a referral to the School Attendance Panel will be made. The School Attendance Panel will fully consider the issues that contribute to the student’s non-attendance at school, and establish strategies to ensure the re-engagement of the student in an appropriate educational setting. The school Principal is to implement the relevant strategies established by the School Attendance Panel and monitor the subsequent attendance of the student.


Busselton Primary School will comply with requests from the district and central office to provide information on attendance.


In accordance with the Better Schools: Brighter Futures Policy schools are responsible for promoting to parents the importance of their children not missing school and by providing safe and welcoming learning environments. The following strategies are implemented to enhance attendance;

  1. Target setting through DoE processes. In particular, cohorts identified by the previous years data.
  2. Positive recognition of improved or good attendance at assemblies. Raffle to reward attendees in the regular attendance categories.
  3. Telephone call home from class teacher after 3 days of unexplained absences.
  4. Letters sent to parents twice a term asking for an explanation of unexplained absence. Attendance letters for indicated, moderate and severe at-risk attendees that highlight the child’s attendance compared to Busselton PS expectation of 95%. Engaging and motivating curriculum.
  5. Home Liaison by team members including AIEO for prolonged absences. Notifying the community about attendance issues in regular newsletter updates.
  6.  A case management approach wrapping additional support around students having attendance issues.
  7. Notifying the community about attendance issues in regular newsletter updates.
  8. A case management approach wrapping additional support around students having attendance issues.

           Did you know?

  • Missing one day a week of school from Year 1 to Year 11 is the equivalent of missing two years and one term of schooling.
  • Being half an hour late to school each day from Year 1 to Year 10 is equivalent to missing one year and one-and-a-half terms of schooling.
  • Being absent five days a term from Year 1 to Year 10 adds up to more than one year of missed schooling.
  • There is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement.
  • Frequent absences make it difficult for teachers to ensure your child learns what they need to.
  • Patterns of attendance/absence are set up in the early years of schooling.
  • Students who are frequently absent from school are over-represented in the juvenile justice system.
  • Girls are absent more often than boys.
  • Poor attendance makes it difficult for students to form positive relationships with their peers.
  • Students who are frequently absent from school are more likely to end up homeless.
  • Aboriginal students are absent twice as much as non-Aboriginal students.
  • Research shows that students who are often absent from school are likely to earn less than their peers as adults.

Attendance Reward


There are many areas within the school where parents and community members may be able to offer assistance and expertise. 
Being actively involved in the School Community, parents have the opportunity to experience the learning climate of the
school and to see current practices and programs ‘in action’.
Potential areas for parent and community involvement include helping in junior primary classes, sport programs, library,
excursions, book covering and P & C activities.
When visiting the school everyone is required to sign in and out at the school office.  
This is a simple but important task required as part of our Emergency Management policy.
Teachers will at all times be responsible for the planning of all sessions with students and for managing student behaviour. 
Parents and community members are requested to observe our confidentiality requirements to protect the interests of all.


Regular attendance at school is a requirement by law and an essential component of academic success so parents are asked to ensure that their children’s attendance is regular.

Education regulations require that written or verbal notification be given for a child’s absence.  Parents will be sent a SMS notification of any absence or lateness on the day and parents can reply with a reason/date etc. If there is no reason received from the school a reminder SMS will be sent 10 days after the absent day. Follow up letters will be sent home during the year for any unauthorised absences. Should the absence be over an extended period, early notification to the school would be appreciated.

Parents are advised that children who are late (after 9:00am) to school must report to the office for a late card prior to going to class.

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